Pathogen Death Wand Products

Specifically designed for the Medical and Commercial Cannabis Industry

The Pathogen Death Wand

PDe³ - Our Pathogen Destruction Technology

Pathogen Death Wand

PDe³ is Our Proven, Patented “LIGHT ENERGY SCIENCE” and it is Safe and Natural for Greater Cannabis Safety and Superior Health Security

  • PDe³ Prevents Pathogen Infection

  • Naturally Destroys Fungi and Bacteria

  • Harmless to Terpene and Cannabinoid Levels

  • Non-visible PDe³ Light Safe for Use from Seed to Sale

  • Used from Day 1, No Residues or Toxins Left Behind

  • PDe³ Cures Infected Cannabis

  • 5 Year Full Replacement Warranty

  • Safe, Clean, Responsible, Natural Solution for Cannabis

  • Grow the Healthiest Plants, Maximize Your Crop Potential
  • The Pathogen Death Wand

    PDe³ The Essential Wavelengths of Light Your Plants have Been Missing

    PDe³ Energy

    The Sun has nurtured plants for millions of years. Plants have evolved and adapted to the Sun’s total spectrum. Plants want and need the full spectrum. Their genes are tuned for the Sun’s actual spectrum yet plants grown indoors lack non-visible light, which equates to 40% of the Sun’s full spectrum.

    Only our PDe³ energy can provide the essential non-visible wavelengths that aid in increased photosynthesis and simultaneously cellular respiration, cellular repair and cellular management. These forgotten light energy bundles (wavelength groupings) are missing in today’s grow lights. Your plants are starving for them. Without PDe³, it could take hundreds of years for plants to adapt to growing without the “missing wavelengths”.

    The Wand with our PDe³ energy delivers the non-visible light spectrum via our patented and proprietary technology. This creates an outdoor grow environment, but indoors!

    Delivering Pure, Vibrant Energy to Your Plants

    Our PDe³ light wavelength combinations generate the missing light energy that provokes the plant to produce more ATP that each plant requires to be healthier and stronger.

    Invisible light has no influence on photosynthesis at all, but with increased ATP production, our PDe³ light wavelength combinations promote the opposite process called cellular respiration making photosynthesis easier and more effective.

    Our PDe³ light wavelength combinations activate certain photoreceptors of plants such as phytochromes. PDe³ provides the plants with missing stimulants from these selected colors of light that help plants grow faster and stronger.

    Today’s grow lights do not promote cellular respiration thus the need to add CO2 to balance the “photosynthesis-respiration” equation.

    Our PDe³ wavelengths naturally stimulate the CO2 in the cellular respiration process providing Mother Nature’s own chemicals the plant needs to complete optimum photosynthesis.

    The “balanced light diet” provides the plant with the natural factors in the correct proportions to optimize the growth and health of the plant.

    Our PDe³ light wavelength combinations allow the plant the ability to repair living cells and tissue through the synthesis of the cell’s proteins including key enzymes responsible for reparation of damaged cells.

    Our PDe³ light wavelength combinations deliver a different “missing” light energy that attacks and breaks down the cell walls of bacteria and fungi/mold rendering them incapable of living and reproduction.

    The singlet Oxygen species (O) also damages DNA of these microorganisms because reactive oxygen species, as singlet oxygen, react actively with biomolecules. At certain amounts, they induce oxidative stress and show carcinogenic and toxic effects due to oxidation of lipids, proteins and nucleic acids-DNA.

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