Frequently Asked Questions

What is PDe³?
PDe³™ is a proven, patented and patent pending LIGHT ENERGY SCIENCE technology that (1) can support healthier and stronger plant life cycles by promoting nature’s own “organic life processes” (growing without chemicals), and (2) rapidly destroys or continually eliminates many species of fungi and most bacteria within plants resulting in Greater Cannabis Safety and Superior Health Security.
Is the PDe³ science safe?
Yes it is. This patented technology is scientifically proven safe for plants, humans and animals; it is based on pure energy being delivered to plants. PDe³ is made up of beneficial frequency combinations that cannabis plants can fully utilize.
Does PDe³ support Organic Cannabis cultivation?
Yes it does by allowing a grower to greatly decrease or eliminate the use of artificial and synthetic chemicals from Seed 2 Sale. PDe³ is an organic control mechanism against infestations like Powdery Mildew, Botrytis and all bacteria. The pure energy that emits from the Pathogen Death Wand is safe light that destroys pathogens and promotes healthy growth in the plants by regulating naturally occurring processes in them. PDe³ does not cause molecular ionization (the breaking apart of cellular molecules into ions) and does not produce free radicals due to low energy of photons. So an application of PDe³ is fully compatible with the growing of organic cannabis.
Is the Pathogen Death Wand a proven technology in the cannabis industry?
Yes it is. The Wand is based on a commercially proven and patented science technology that is branded as PDe³. PDe³ delivers combinations of wavelengths of light at different intensities to accomplish two things and these are (1) promote the natural enhancement of the photosynthesis cycle and life sustaining processes within the plant, keeping the natural levels of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids as Mother Nature intended, and (2) rapidly destroy pathogens on top of and within ALL plants.
Does the Pathogen Death Wand destroy Botrytis?
Yes it does and the time it takes to eliminate the pathogens completely depends on the extent of infestation.
Can a grower stop using fungicides, herbicides and pesticides when growing cannabis?
If a grower installs the Pathogen Death Wand units correctly and uses them from Seed 2 Sale, they will decrease the majority of harmful pathogens or completely eliminate any dependency on expensive chemicals to fix the room issues and or plant problems.
What does the Pathogen Death Wand mean to the Seed 2 Sale Process?
Correctly installed PDWands will both enhance and protect the cannabis plants. With Wands in the Mother Room where seedlings, cuttings (clones) and plants begin the life cycle process and then in the Grow Room for vegetative and flowering steps and finally through Trim to the Cure Room, PDe³ technology will be destroying pathogens and improving the plant’s ability to stay healthy.